Sold out
Year 2014
Color Purple & Blue (Maziora color)
Mileage 68,000km
Fuel Gasoline
Engine CC 1500cc
Stock location Yokohama, Japan
Make Honda
Maker Vezel
Model Code DAA-RU1
Chassis No. RU1-1000888
Wheel Drive 2WD
Exterior Grade 4
Interior Grade B
Seat Cap. 5

Accessories & Options

Air-conditioner / Power steering / Power window / Anti-lock brake system Air-bag / Alpine Navi / Push start / Smart key / LED Head light / Roof rail / Flip down monitor / Back camera / Cruise control / Harf leather seat / Alloy wheel


The state is a good vehicle! It is enchanting Maziora color. It is easy to understand the driver's seat around than hybrid. Please contact us!

Exterior Grade?
  • S Condition is same as new car.
  • 5 A car does not need repair. A car has been repaired slightly, and the repair is in very good condition. No body parts have been changed.
  • 4.5 No accident history car. No remarkable scratches or dents.
  • 4 A car is in good overall condition, but there are a few scratches or dents.
  • 3.5 A car has some conspicuous scratches or dents. Some cars head-light support panel or back panel have been repaired.
  • 3 A car has many conspicuous scratches or dents. A car has some paint blemishes.
  • 2 A car is in very bad condition.
  • 1 A car which has following : 1. An aftermarket turbo 2. An automatic transmission converted to manual transmission 3. Flood damage.
  • RA A car which has had accident damage which can be ranked MINOR, and has been repaired.
  • 0 or R A car which has had accident damage, and has been repaired. The auction definition 'A car which has had accident damage' is a car where some parts or panels have been repaired or replaced or need to be repaired or replaced (or has some visible marks from frame damage) : 1. Lower Tie Bar or Frame 2. Windshield Piller (A Piller), Center Piller (B Piller), Rear Piller (C Piller) 3. Strut Housing 4. Roof Panel 5. Trunk flooring Panel 6. Floor Pan.
Interior Grade?
  • A The best car
  • B Dirt can be removable after cleanings
  • C Tears and rubbing can be recognized on the seat. Same as B level after cleanings.
  • D Tears and rubbing can be recognized on the seat.
  • E Repairing is necessary.